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Every year YUBSA elects 11 Board members to run the collective. By becoming a YUBSA Board Member, you will be given the opportunity to fight for the empowerment of Black students at York and in the community at large. This opportunity can further your skill sets and create immeasurable experiences, while fostering your social, political, and academic growth. Positions currently available are:

– President
– VP Operations & Finance
– Vp Advocacy
– VP Engagement
– VP Events
– VP Communications
– VP Programming

– Director of Partnerships
– Director of Fundraising
– Director of Services

To apply, you can download the 2016-17 Nominations Package and follow the nomination guidelines. The deadline to submit is Tuesday, October 13th 2015. You may submit your package through e-mail to or in-person at our office.


YUBSA’s success is reliant upon our supporters. There a lot of ways you can get involved and join us, whether it’s signing up for our electronic monthly newsletter or volunteering for our events.

We’re highly grateful for the support of all our volunteers. Most of our volunteer positions take place on York Campus and surrounding Jane and Finch area, centering around administrative help in our office and at our fundraising and awareness events.

Anyone interested in volunteering is asked to apply for the position and will go through an interview process to see if your abilities are suitable for the volunteer position available at that time.

Looking for a more flexible volunteer opportunity?

Events that are independently organized by our supporters are a great way to help YUBSA’s mission, while doing it on a schedule that suits your busy lifestyle.

Volunteer Positions

Events Team Volunteer Position

Status: Closed

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YUBSA appreciates all volunteer applications. We receive a large number of volunteer requests throughout the year, volunteers applying to positions that are currently filled will have their resume kept on file but will not be contacted until the position is available.