What We Do

By Any Means Necessary

The York United Black Students’ Alliance aims to facilitate an observance that centres the creativity which represents our Black politics and helps us to realize strong and healthy communities. For us, this means looking at the ways in which activism informs how we negotiate the interplay of scholarship, cultural practices and meaning, which involves but is not limited to: education, family, civic engagement, food, fashion and celebration. As we move through these various spaces, we want to look at the Black experience through a holistic and equitable lens and honour the fluidity of Blackness by curating panels, workshops and art exhibitions that are socially engaging and give our community the tools to be at our political best.

Core Programming

Resource Development

YUBSA runs several events during the year as well as making the space available for various services and resources.

Youth Mentorship

This year YUBSA’s theme is Black Excellence; we are gearing our mentorship to focus on self-actualization. This program brings young persons together with older, more experienced individuals who can offer support and guidance. Our program is designed to foster holistic opportunities for students of indigenous African descent to learn about themselves and their history through a variety of workshops and activities. In turn, we help foster the youth’s life-skills in areas such as time management, goal setting, team building and conscious awareness. The time spent at our mentorship program will also go towards the student’s mandatory hours of volunteer work.

Beautiful We

Beautiful We is a discussion forum for those who represent the Afrikan Continent and Diaspora. It is a safe space to commune and discuss issues affecting Womyn in the Toronto community, as well as to share and inspire each other through lived experiences. Different topics will be proposed every session within a monthly theme.

Still I Rise

Still I Rise is in response to the lack of forums and spaces for Black men and individuals identifying with masculinity to discuss their issue, in addition to the issues facing the Black Community as a whole. The main goal is to redefine the image of black masculinity in the media, from a neglectful stereotype to a responsible healthy one, involved and a loving role model. In order to consistently redefine what masculinity is, a space is needed to give voices, opportunity and holistic support. *Looking for male volunteers for facilitation opportunities*