YUBSA History

The York United Black Students’ Alliance (YUBSA) was formed in 1996 as an amalgamation of members of the African Student’s Association, the Black Writers’ Caucus and the Caribbean Student’s Association at York University. The key objective of which was to unite and empower Black students on campus.


The York United Black Students’ Alliance (YUBSA) is a non-profit community service group whose mandate is to develop programs that support Black-identified students (and community members) academically, financially, and socially. YUBSA is a pan-Africanist organization that services all students and people at York University and the wider community that adhere to the racial identity of “Black” despite their nationalistic identities.

YUBSA came into existence due to a series of “racist incidents that targeted a number of Black students on the York University campuses,” and will wither away when there is a clear indication that racism is not an issue on campus.

YUBSA’s aim is to bring Black students to a position of independence where they can be self-sufficient in spite of various institutional pressures. An additional goal of YUBSA is to help create positive and anti-oppressive spaces in the wider York community, thus allowing allyship to thrive amongst the different communities in and around York.